Welcome to the official website of Caledon Tourism, a non-profit that has been around for 30 years. Our goal is to share with you our beautiful town and surrounding area.

Caledon was founded in 1811 and is situated along the N2 highway about 120km East of Cape Town. It is the official capital of the Overberg, the seventh oldest town in South Africa and functions as the agricultural hub of the Overberg area, in which the major products are grains, fruit, sheep and wine.


The history of this area goes back centuries though, to when the original inhabitants of the area, the Khoi-Khoi discovered the iron-rich hot springs on the slopes of the Swartberg, long before the arrival of European settlers in the Cape. Tourism eventually developed around the hot springs which today can be enjoyed at the Caledon Spa. There are many other areas of interest in and around the town to visit.